April 2017 Update

Yet another year has passed since my last update.  And today is New Year’s Day in Incudea, year 8845.  Some things I have been up to in the past 12 months:

  1. Flowers in the Abyss is up, which brings the chronicles of Incudea down to 1500 BC.  Ransain Saga is next, and I have roughly half of the material ready for it.
  2. I put up a database entry on the Incudean Army, including Front and Rear Armies, [here].
  3. I created a whole new font for the Teivan script, the more or less official writing system of the Inculae.  This block-style font can be seen at the bottom of the page [here].
  4. Lots has happened behind the scenes as well: a) the Horgothic lexicon has grown to 4,600+ entries (I’ll have to update the online link to that at some point); b) I’ve mapped over 40% of the Exotics, and by mapping I mean naming the star systems, figuring out whether they’re inhabited or not, and if they are, figuring a general description of their inhabitants, Incudean or alien.  At the rate I’m going, it might take me 4-5 more years to finish this, but once I’m done the entire universe of Belklaun will be pretty much set (I’ll still have to map the Storms but those will be super easy as they’re mostly wastespace); c) I’ve really gotten a good grip on higher-level administration in Incudea: the functioning of the Council, the various Divisions and Sub-Divisions, plus of course how the major factions fit into all of it.


Now as to what will happen in the upcoming 2 months or so, I plan on adding a database entry on the universal jaisai magic and another on the Incudean administrative structure, as well as becoming more active in the external galleries linked through my Gallery page.  Also, I’ve made webfonts for the script of the Zeburajan nation of Oxytania, so I’ll add some information and samples on the Horgothic page.  Stay tuned!