April 2016 Update

A year since my last update, wow. Cue in the crickets, please. Anyway, looking at the left sidebar on the site here’s what’s going on:

1) CHRONICLES = I’m actually done with “Flowers in the Abyss”, I just need to create the HTML page and cook up some images for it. I also have quite a bit of material for the next historical section, “Ransain Saga”, so hopefully I can get both of these sections uploaded in 2016. Also, the first 2 arcs of “Sinduin Saga” are up, and uhmm, I’m not sure what I’m doing with that next.

2) DATABASE = There’s a new (well, newer than the last update) multi-page section on the most popular religion in Incudea, Tarteism. Next up might be a section on the physics of the Haloed Bane universe. Basic stuff like the elements and the fundamental forces. I do have enough material for the section already, but it’s far from polished (and it doesn’t make any sense, though that’s never stopped me).

3) GALLERY = Onsite I haven’t added much, but follow the links and you can find several new pics on DA and Rendo.

4) HORGOTHIC = The primer is all ready, and I have 3 readings up as planned. Hopefully I’ll push myself to add stuff like long original texts in Horgothic and translations of human philosophy.

5) TIME = It’s low on the priority list right now, but I’d like to add a section on how various planets in Incudea handle calendars. The Silver Year is the overarching official standard, but obviously each planet has its own rotation and orbit periods, so it should make for some interesting timekeeping conundrums.

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